Karen taught my three kids piano for 8 years. She was a very patient teacher who acknowledged their different strengths and weaknesses and taught accordingly. She has a vast knowledge of music as an art form, as well as how to energize and teach her students. Her program introduced my kids to technique, theory, and musicality. A personal favorite of my kids was the Christmas and Spring recitals. It was there that they got to showcase what they had learned and show their musical personalities.

– Allison Rausch

We really like the way that Karen teaches piano. She lets our kids learn the songs they want to learn, while also teaching them the terminology and methodology that they need to learn proper technique. Over the past few years of lessons with Karen, we have seen our boys develop their music skills far beyond our expectations. She is very positive and encouraging, and our kids always look forward to her lessons.

– Luke Porter

My children took piano lessons from Karen for 8 years.  She is a talented teacher and musician.  Her love of music shows in everything she does.  She is patient, kind and compassionate.  Karen fosters confidence and a joy for learning in her students. 

– Jo Kuchera